Printable Bullet Journal – Free DIY Weekly Bujo Spread

Free Printable Bullet Journal
Has anyone else spent hours on Instagram and Pinterest browsing all of the perfect bujo spreads only to attempt one of your own and get burnt out after just a few weeks? Bullet journaling may be very rewarding but it’s a lot of work! Last year I started designing my own digital printable bullet journal spreads and now I can’t go back – there are tons of other artistic ventures that I would rather spend my creative time and energy on. Today I’m sharing another printable bullet journal for those of us that love the idea of bullet journaling but don’t have the time to constantly draw out those lovely spreads! This is one of my favorite weekly spreads designed for print on 8.5×11 paper (front and back) to create a booklet containing as many weeks as you choose to print.This spread is designed to be printed in black & white and filled in with all of the colorful pens! To make a booklet out of this printable as shown in the photos, you should follow the instructions in the bullet journal notebook tutorial. The main difference here is that instead of printing a grid pattern on to your paper you will be printing the weekly spread which can be downloaded by clicking through these links Sunday Start , Monday Start. – If you are printing with duplex printer you may use these files instead – Sunday Start , Monday Start.

Printable Bullet Journal Tips:

  • You should leave the first page blank so that when you fold the booklet in half you won’t have a half spread at the beginning and end of your book. Instead you will have a blank first and last page which you can used to create a bujo key, notes page, or a variety of other spreads.
  • As mentioned in the tutorial post, you will want to use a very heavy card stock for the cover. I would recommend purchasing this in person in the loose scrapbook paper section at a craft store so you can feel the weight/texture in person, one sheet is typically under $1
  • Use colorful pens to brighten up your spread! Pens with small tips are amazing,  0.5m or smaller work wonderfully. To fill in my spread I used Pilot 0.38mm gel pens (color) and Micron ink pens (Black, 0.5mm). Zebra Mildliners are the perfect highlighters for Bullet Journaling, and if you need a really solid white or metallic gel pen check out the Uni-ball Signo pens.

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19 thoughts on “Printable Bullet Journal – Free DIY Weekly Bujo Spread

  1. Sam says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I love the layout. I’m making my own planner and would love some advice. What programs do you use and what are some of your favorite fonts. Thank you for your time! <3

    • MTTE says:

      Hi Sam, I’m glad you’re enjoying the layout! I use Adobe Indesign to create all of my printables. It’s difficult to pick a few favorite fonts because there are SO many amazing styles but I really enjoy using Playlist, Debby, Raleway, Jenna Sue, and Amatic SC.

  2. Nicole Schmidt says:

    I love this! However, I start my weeks on Sundays 🙁 Is there any way to change the Monday and Sunday around?

  3. elena says:

    You are a genius. You are a genius. Have i mentioned how much of a genius you are? The not wanting or having time to hand-draw a bujo layout all the time but still knowing I’d want the look of it is exactly why I haven’t started doing one. I’ve just kind of made do with the calender in my kitchen, random notes everywhere (I even attach sticky notes to my phone. My husband makes endless fun of me for that.) This printable is seriously life changing for me. I cannot thank you enough for not only creating it, but sharing it for free. What a lovely thing to create and share!

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  5. Jessica says:

    Thanks for this! It’s perfect for those of us who struggle with the time and patience to design. I’m trying to print out the page but can’t seem to get it double sided because it’s only a one page PDF. How is the best way to do this? Every time I print it out it always comes out one sided.

    • MTTE says:

      Thanks for your comment Jessica! It hadn’t occurred to me that those of you using duplex printers would be unable to utilize that feature due to the single page nature of the files. I have added additional files that have two pages and will allow you to print double sided. Enjoy!

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