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DIY Sand Dollar Coaster

diy coaster

After building a new wooden table/work desk I’ve been in dire need of some coasters to protect it from all the cold beverages it encounters. After shopping around a bit I have to say, the retail coaster selection seems pretty lacking! Of course I decided to make my own. Several trips to the seashore inspired […]

Sriracha and Mango Margarita Recipe

I heard that mango and Sriracha make a great flavor pair so obviously I had to try them together and find out for myself. Of course Sriracha goes great with many things you might not expect, but fruit? really? Well, for a spicy fruit pairing the obvious (and most fun) choice seemed like a spicy […]

Strawberry & Lime Ice Pops

strawberry lime coconut popsicles

Strawberry -Coconut-Lime Popsicles anyone? Rumor around the interwebs is that it’s Popsicle week!? I didn’t know there was such a thing as Popsicle week but I love popsicles so i am definitely not complaining. It’s only June and the heat and humidity here In North Carolina have combined into a deeply oppressive force, as they […]