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Superfood Matcha Green Smoothie

I almost bought a juicer to start off my new year in a super nutritious fashion (Okay, yes. I may have binge watched all of the health food documentaries on Netflix in preparation for a healthier new year). I had spent days researching the pros and cons – I prefer to crowd source my information […]

Honey & Chamomile Antioxidant Gummies

Here is a recipe for those of us that have been hiding out trying to avoid other people during cold & flu season! I personally am not 100% convinced that things like antioxidant gummies actually do that much to help us avoid getting sick (sometimes it seems inevitable) but hey, it can’t hurt to try […]

Dark Chocolate Mandarin Orange Slices

After a warm and damp Christmas it seems like winter has finally arrived, along with cold & flu season. It’s below freezing outside and all I’ve wanted to do this week is curl up on the couch with a good book, a Matcha latte and my extremely cuddly puppy.. I can’t seem to shake this […]

Thai Wrap Appetizer – Healthy Sweet & Spicy Snack aka Miang Kham

A few years ago I had an amazing Thai Wrap appetizer at a restaurant  that I’ve been meaning to try and recreate. It’s a popular Thai street food traditionally known as Miang Kham but they called it ‘Healthy Wrap’ and it was a perfect way to consume a variety of healthy  and mostly raw things […]