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Superfood Matcha Green Smoothie

I almost bought a juicer to start off my new year in a super nutritious fashion (Okay, yes. I may have binge watched all of the health food documentaries on Netflix in preparation for a healthier new year). I had spent days researching the pros and cons – I prefer to crowd source my information […]

Apple Pie Tea

I recently received a tin of life changing apple pie tea as a gift and I ran out of it way too quickly so of course here I am trying to duplicate it. If you’re sitting there thinking “Sarah, this isn’t really tea, it’s an herbal infusion!”, you would be right. Apparently ‘Real’ tea is […]

Peaches & Cream Steel Cut Oats

I’m generally not a huge fan of the hot breakfast porridge despite it being one of the healthier, heartier, and more affordable breakfast choices. One of the major drawbacks is the time it takes to prepare, it’s so much easier and faster to throw together a quick simple snack or meal to eat while running […]